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ANONYMOUS submitted

                              I wish the feud between atatakami and gakup0kamui would just stop. It’s silly and stupid what they are fighting about, a silly misunderstanding that wasn’t even explained thoroughly. I think they should just make up. I absolutely loved their silly and fun RPs together.
                                                                                       [img source]


I’m sorry if your dash has been invaded by us! this is what happens when I don’t reply to the asks right away 
           But, in the other side, the masterlist has been updated now! Just remember to send a message if you want to be added! image 

Just wondered if it would be okay to put me on the full masterlist as well as the android one! I'm already on the android one but... I don't seem to be on the full masterlist. Hope that's not a problem, and thank you!!

Sorry! I didn’t notice…maybe we forgot! But thanks for telling us, otherwise we wouldn’t have noticed! But now it’s been changed, we hope it wasn’t a big problem for you! Ahhh you’re welcome. 

yooo i remade my Len blog so can you change sweetbanana02 to amaibanana? thanks!

Thanks a lot for informing us! It’s been fixed now! And you’re welcome! 

Hello! ^^; I'm not sure if I'be actually ever asked to be added to the masterlist. I'm a human and android Luka~! :) I can't check because I'm on the app, sorry if I already asked before! Thank you! ⊙~⊙

Hello! ^u^ woAh, this is the only message that has gone through! It’s fine, there’s nothing to worry about! So,’ve been added now! 

Um, hi, I used to be the url vocaoliver, I've restarted my blog and its renamed thestarlightkeeper. So I think it needs to me changed on the masterlist? Just to let you know, thank you

Hihi! Mmmhm…Right, I see! Thank you for telling us, it’s been changed now into "The Starlight keeper." 

Hello! \ (•◡•) / I'm a new KAIKO blog- and I'm with rejectrp! Is it okay to be added to the masterlist?

Yo! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Cool, that’s nice!; Ah, sure it is! And to be informed as well, I’ve added that you’re affiliated with your group. I mean guess that’s what you wanted? But anyway, just to tell you.

A little thing more, I didn’t know if KAIKO was HUMAN/ANDROID so right now, she’s been labelled as android, if I’ve got it wrong please send a message!  

({Hello! Would you not mind adding me to the masterlist? I'm a new Human! Nekomura Iroha~ c:})

Silly, of course we don’t mind! I’ll do it anytime, since it’s my job after all. But, yeah! You’re included!  

[ May I please be added as an android Ritsu? ]

Sure thing! That’s why now, you’re part of the Masterlist. image 

Hey, I'm a new Lio or Rio. LILY's genderbent. Can I be added to the masterlist? Please. Thanks.

Hi! I must say.. what a bae,  / Great! Variety of characters is really cool! Anyway, of course you can! In fact, go check if you’re added?       Obviously yes, haha.